of all the things i've lost

i miss my mind the most

OTA student @ OCCC. Devourer of books, lover of animals, nature, video games and all things magical. ISFP - the Artist. This blog is for whatever I'm currently obsessed with, and it will include some NSFW and/or homosexual themes. If those things make you uncomfortable than don't look :)



New Impossibly Tiny Landscapes Painted on Food by Hasan Kale

Are you kidding me



Don’t mess with Gimli

They picked the right guy to play a Dwarf


Doodle I never quite managed to finish :(


Ygritte by steamey


What hoard would you have?

If there’s a dragon with a kitty hoard or a donut hoard, then yeah, those are me. 


I….. I just.. I really don’t know how to caption this..

It happened again. Pretty self explanatory. Bewilderyoga. I blame various siblings who are wonderful, terrible influences. 


a little love story about mermaids and tattoos


oh my god


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